Haizey Grey Photography

"Beauty is in the eye of the one holding the camera"

But who am I, really?

I'm silly. I love to laugh. I enjoy making others laugh. I'm April. Iím a photographer. A wife. A Mother. A writer. In the shower, I'm a singer.  

Photography, simply put is a part of who I am. 

Photography came to me naturally. I could sit for hours as a little girl looking at family photo albums. I was 11 years old when I put together my first "posed" picture. It was of my younger sister. I set up a green rug on the top of my grandmother's sewing machine box. I used the worst props ever, then had my sister tilt her head, hands folded on that pea soup-colored rug and my love for photography began. (Despite that horrid rug).  

The Actual Photo:

(I'm going to be getting a call from my sister as soon as she sees this. No doubt about it.)

Photography fits my personality and has only propelled me forward. It inspires me and feeds my creativity on a daily basis. I believe everyone has a gift, a specific ability and it's up to you to utilize your ability and hone your skills. I realized my gift and that's exactly what I did. 

I will be very up front and say; I'm not for everyone, nor do I want to be. My styles of photography and the creativity that engulfs me is something I will always remain true to. I want to capture who you really are. I'm all about quality, not quantity. I'm drawn to people who have an edge and fun-loving spirit. People who try their best to keep the humor in life. People who delight in seeing interesting and beautiful things. 

Professionally, I've been shooting 8 years now. I know exactly what inspires me and what kind of imagery can make my inner self do a mental Backhand spring with a full twisting layout. My goal is to create imagery that you want to look at twice or perhaps lose yourself inside. That is my connection to you as well as what drives my passion for what I deliver to you. This is a two way street, and it's a great one to drive on. I want to get to know you. You're not a photo package or a number and you will never be treated as such. This is about stories. Your story. Not just about the photographs. It's about the experience of getting to know you and what your ideas are as well. 

I'm passionate and creative with a severe addiction to perfection. 

...And red Twizzlers.